Happy New Year! 2023 had a lot of changes for me. In this post, I will discuss accomplishments, posts, presentations, and events that I participated in during the year.

I began the year with a revamped blog site based on Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages. I spent the better parts of 2 months in the evenings converting years of WordPress posts to this new format. This added a lot of “new/old” content to my site and I saw my user counts go up by over 1000%. This is deceptive as my count for 2023 was a little over 2100 new users. I have a new workflow setup, so I hope to post more often and write about the large library of PowerShell scripts I have written over the years.


My top five posts for 2023 were:



In September, I presented at the Research Triangle Park PowerShell User Group. I spoke about my growth in blogging and PowerShell over time and I highlighted how I use PowerShell to orchestrate the creation of new blog posts for my blog.

Thrive-IT Workshop

In December, DJ Eshelman asked me to present at his I.T. Automation & Testing is for Smart People, Not Lazy People workshop. I talked about my team’s migration to Citrix AppLayering and how I leveraged Matthias Schlimm’s Application Check script to validate images every month after patching.


  • I am a local Citrix User Group leader for Raleigh-Durham and I hosted 3 meetings in 2023.
    • Two in April and December, at a local brewery in Raleigh
    • One in June, at a local indoor mini-golf facility.
  • I attended a local Red Hat Summit presentation in September and got updated on all things Red Hat.
  • I was also happy to attend one of 2 final sessions of EUC legend Carl Webster’s Active Directory Masterclass. Truely a privilege and I gained a fantastic set of tools to help analyze Active Directory.


I gained 386 new followers during 2023. I also posted over 50 times and received over 64,000+ impressions on those posts.


In April, I redirected my professional focus from Citrix and End User Computing to the realms of automation and integration. This transition held significant importance for me, as I aimed to harness the full spectrum of skills I had acquired over time, encompassing automation through PowerShell and initiating my exploration into Cloud computing.

I also completed the UT’s McCombs School of Business Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing. This was a very rewarding course, and I got a lot of exposure to AWS and Azure that elevated my understanding of Cloud technology in general and specifically how to leverage many services from both platforms.

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