New Year, new WEM release. Citrix has released the first version of WEM for 2021, version 2103. You can download the new version here (requires Platinum/Premium licenses and login to I’ve provided the release notes below.

What’s new in 2103

Workspace Environment Management 2103 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see below.

Profile Management

Workspace Environment Management now supports all versions of Profile Management through 2103. Also, the following new options are now available in the Administration Console > Policies and Profiles > Citrix Profile Management Settings interface:

  • Enable Local Cache for Profile Container
    • Available on the Profile Container Settings tab.
    • If enabled, each local profile serves as a local cache of its profile container.
  • Enable multi-session write-back for profile containers
    • Available on the Advanced Settings tab.
    • Replaces Enable multi-session write-back for FSLogix Profile Container of previous releases to accommodate multi-session write-back support for Citrix Profile Management profile containers.
  • Enable Profile Streaming for Folders
    • Available on the Streamed User Profiles tab.
    • If enabled, folders are fetched only when they are being accessed.

For more information, see Citrix Profile Management Settings.

SDK documentation

This release updates PowerShell modules in the Workspace Environment Management SDK. The following cmdlets are no longer usable:

  • Property SDKInfrastructureServiceConfiguration.AgentSyncPort
  • Property Commandlets.SetWemInfrastructureServiceConfiguration.AgentSyncPort

Version 2103 of the Workspace Environment Management SDK documentation reflects the update.

Fixed Issues

Workspace Environment Management 2103 contains the following fixed issues compared to Workspace Environment Management 2012:

  • After you upgrade the WEM agent to version 1912, the memory consumption of Citrix WEM Agent Host Service might exceed 2G. If debug mode is enabled, you can see that the following messages appear many times in the Citrix WEM Agent Host Service Debug.log file:
    • Adding history entry to the DB writer queue
    • Initializing process limitation thread for process [WEM-9432, CVADHELP-15147]
  • After you upgrade the WEM agent to version 2005, Citrix WEM Agent Host Service might consume between 10% and 30% of the total CPU resources, affecting the user experience. [WEM-9902, WEMHELP-47]
  • When using the application security feature, you see a green checkmark next to a user or user group in the Assigned column of the Assignments section in the Edit Rule or Add Rule window. The green checkmark icon does not necessarily indicate that the rule is assigned to that user or user group. Only a user or user group that has a blue highlight in the background is the one to which the rule is assigned. [WEM-10047]
  • While the WEM agent performs application processing during logon, Windows might display the Problem with Shortcut dialog box, prompting end users to delete a shortcut that no longer works properly. The issue occurs when the item to which the shortcut refers has been changed or moved. [WEM-10257, CVADHELP-15968]
  • When you attempt to edit an exception for an application security rule on the Exceptions tab of the Edit Rule window, the administration console might exit unexpectedly. The following message appears:
    • Connection to the management console closed
    The issue occurs when you edit an exception before performing any Add Rule actions. [WEM-10612]
  • When you use VUEMRSAV.exe to view results about assigned actions for the current user, the Applied Actions tab fails to display actions related to Action Groups. (VUEMRSAV.exe is located in the agent installation folder: %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\Workspace Environment Management Agent\VUEMRSAV.exe.) [WEM-10889]


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