Fall is the season and the Citrix Developers didn't make like a tree and leave. Citrix has released the next version of WEM,version is 2009. You can download the new version here (requires Platinum/Premium licenses and login to I’ve provided the release notes below.

What’s new in 2009

Workspace Environment Management 2009 includes the following new features. For information about bug fixes, see Fixed issues.

Support for the Windows 10 1909 template

WEM adds support for the Windows 10 1909 template introduced in Citrix optimizer. You can now use WEM to perform template-based system optimizations for Windows 10 1909 machines. For information about using Citrix optimizer, see Citrix optimizer.

Profile Management

Workspace Environment Management now supports all versions of Profile Management through 2009. The following new options are now available on the Administration Console > Policies and Profiles > Citrix Profile Management Settings > Profile Container Settings tab:

  • Enable Folder Exclusions for Profile Container (option for excluding the listed folders from the profile container)
  • Enable Folder Inclusions for Profile Container (option for keeping the listed folders in the profile container when their parent folders are excluded)

For more information, see Profile Container Settings.

Administration console

The administration console user interface has changed:

  • In Administration Console > Policies and Profiles > Citrix Profile Management Settings, there is a new Profile Container Settings tab for you to configure Profile Management profile container settings.
  • The Enable Profile Container option now moves to the Profile Container Settings tab. Previously, the option was present on the Synchronization tab.

Depreciated Features

Click here to see depreciated features.

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