Time is running out to attend the Research Triangle PowerShell Saturday. The main conference is on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 in Raleigh, North Carolina. There’s also a concentrated 6-hour security session on Sunday, September 22nd.

Tickets can be purchased for one day or both. Seating is limited, however, for the Sunday security session, so get your tickets sooner than later.

The three different tracks on Saturday cover the whole gambit of PowerShell scripting and development as it currently stands. Details about the presenters are here.

  • PowerShell 101 - Intro and Fundamentals
    • Use Default Formats to Improve Your Quality of Life - Jeremy Smith
    • Filtering Files at Scale - Mark Hutchenson
    • PowerShell 101 – Arrays - Wes Carroll
    • PowerShell Streams and Using the Right Write-* Cmdlet - Justin Gehman
    • The Ins and Outs of Error Handling - David Littlejohn
    • Why you should be using PSReadline everyday - Jeffery Hayes
  • PowerShell Tools - Advanced Scripting and Tools
    • GitHub for PowerShell Users - Bryce McDonald
    • Using Dbatools To Automate Database Migrations - Joshua Corrick
    • Don't do what I did! Avoiding Azure $urprise$! - Michael Teske
    • Why can't we be friends? Command Line Utilities + PowerShell = <3 - Ryan Leap
    • What to do when .NET isn't enough - Jason Walker
    • Don't Reinvent Another Wheel if You Don't Have To - David Stein
  • DevOps & Security - DevOps, CI\CD and Security
    • PowerShell Security 102? - Jon Fox
    • Securing PSRemoting - James Petty
    • Crossing the Divide - A System Administrator's Path to DevOps - Dave Carroll
    • Securing Windows 10 with PowerShell Compliance items in SCCM - Jon Warnken
    • Gaining 20/20 vision during an incident with PowerShell - Fernando Tomlinson
    • Code. Commit. Deploy. Starting your 3 step journey to utilizing Pipelines - Stephen Valdinger

Keep checking the conference site as more details about the schedule will be posted. You will be able to move between tracks, but each track will run in parallel. Lunch and snacks are provided as part of the conference fee and parking is free.

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