Here’s a holiday hack for PowerShell. If you would like the ability to right-click on a directory and have PowerShell open to that directory here’s what you do…

  1. Open the registry on the system you want to do this on (regedit.exe)
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\directory\shell


  1. Right-click and create a new key called PowerShellPrompt


  1. Rename the Default Data to “PoSH Here” or something similar. This is what will display in the context menu when you right-click
image3 image4
  1. Right-click on the PowerShellPrompt key and create a new key. Name it Command


  1. Change the Default data to the following command-line
powershell.exe -noprofile start-process  powershell.exe -verb runas -argumentlist "{ -noprofile -noexit cd %1}


  1. Now, when you right-click on a directory, An elevated PowerShell prompt will open at that directory


  1. If you want to load your profile when this prompt opens, remove the second “-noprofile” from the command-line
powershell.exe -noprofile start-process  powershell.exe -verb runas -argumentlist "{ -noexit cd %1}"
  1. If you want to have an Icon show up in the Context menu add the following String value to the PowerShellPrompt key

image11 image12

Value for Value

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