In my current position I’m getting to do a lot of PowerShell scripting. Typically these are quick scripts for maintenance or finding information about our Citrix environment. I’m posting several here to share.

NOTE: These scripts were written for a XenApp 6.5 environment


Iterates though all XenApp Servers in the farm and checks that the D: drive is formatted. I wrote this because we found some existing provisioned servers that had unformatted D: drives attached.

Get it from GitHub


Iterates though user’s profile directories and counts number of files in specified sub directory. It produces a CSV report (if the file count is above a threshold you set in the script) and also counts the total number of profiles. Useful for confirming your profile management solution is working as expected.

Get it from GitHub


Iterates though a list of servers and reports on crashdumps. EdgeSight and Windows can collect crashdumps and if you don’t clear them off, the accumulate. This script will generate a CSV report and delete the dumps if the -delete switch is included.

Get it from GitHub

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