We are in the midst of migrating to a XenApp 7.9 environment from a 6.5 environment. There are many pain points associated with this sort of transition:

  1. Lack of Worker Groups (similar functionality returns in XenApp 7.12)
  2. Organizing your existing application deployment around Machine and Delivery groups
  3. Revisiting every published application in relation to user access and how Delivery groups are leveraged
  4. Recreating all your published applications

In my current 6.5 environment we have over 240 published applications. Recreating these in the new 7.9 farm is nightmarish. Luckily, Shaun Ritchie (from Metrium Cloud) has provided the Citrix community a great script that migrates (with icons and user accounts) XenApp 6.5 published applications to a XenApp 7.x farm. You can see the script on his blog post “XenApp 6.x to XenApp 7.x App Migration Script”.

This script does a lot of heavy lifting and makes a migration much easier. What do you do if you have multiple 7.x farms? I thought it would be trivial to copy the newly migrated 6.5 applications from one 7.x farm to another, but this was not the case. I used Shaun’s script as a base and re-worked it to allow the copying of apps from one XenApp 7.x farm to another.

The Script

You can get the script from GitHub

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