Note: This post concerns Storefront 2.6


While testing 2 users logging into a desktop and having a different experience (regular user vs. admin), I was perplexed on the behavior of Storefront.

This isn’t your father’s Web Interface

I logged in as one user and launched a desktop. When I signed out of Storefront, in order to sign in as a different user, my virtual desktop immediately disconnected. I had run across the behavior before when using Web Interface, but was hard pressed to find an equivalent setting in the Storefront GUI to fix it.

After seaching Citrix articles I found: How to Enable/Disable Workspace Control in StoreFront.

  1. Open web.config under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\storenameWeb\
  2. Find the line containing:
    <workspaceControl enabled="true" autoReconnectAtLogon="true" logoffAction="disconnect" showReconnectButton="false" showDisconnectButton="false" />
  3. Change the value of logoffAction to one of the following settings:
    1. disconnect (default) - Disconnects user from applications and desktops
    2. terminate - Shut down user's applications and desktops
    3. none - leave sessions running and active after Storefront log off.
  4. The article details other settings, namely if you set showReconnectButton and showDisconnectButton to true, you will get those options in a drop down for your users (similar to Web Interface).

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