Recently we started migrating users to our new production environment which is provisioned.  I found that only half of the new servers were reporting to EdgeSight.  Initially I thought it was due to an issue solved by this EdgeSight agent hotfix, but this turned out to not be the case.

Digging deeper, I found that the missing servers had the same server name in the \Citrix\SystemMonitoring\Data\EdgeSight.ini file.  The quick fix was to stop the EdgeSight service (Citrix System Monitoring), delete the INI file, and restart the service.  I then forced a Configuration Check and Performance Upload on the worker agents and the servers appeared in the console.

Since these were provisioned servers and the EdgeSight data writes to a “cache” drive, the long-term fix is to mount the “cache” drive associated with our template and delete the INI file, then new servers will get a fresh INI file.

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