Looks like the Citrix marketing department is ramping up.  Check out these webinars if you have time.  Subjects cover Provisioning Services,  Server and Desktop Virtualization, and Netscaler.  Training is always the first cut made to budgets so take advantage.

Simplifying Implementation of Provisioning Services

In this session, we’ll discuss Best Practices for Simplifying Implementation of Provisioning Services using new features of Provisioning Services 5.1.

You’ll learn about:

  • Read-only vDisk Storage
  • Multi-Partitioning Imaging
  • Offline Database Support
  • User Assigned vDisks

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Best TCO for Server Virtualization

Join the discussion and get the answers you need on virtualizing your servers and how Citrix® XenServer™ gives you…

  • Server Virtualization enterprise-class features at no cost for XenApp customers
  • 70% more users per Citrix XenApp™ server than any other server virtualization solution
  • Centralized multi-server management with the intuitive XenCenter console
  • Live migration with XenMotion

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NetScaler - Providing High Availability for XenApp

Learn how to provide maximum availability, automatic disaster recovery and secure remote access to your Citrix XenApp™ environment with the seamless addition of Citrix® NetScaler™ and Citrix XenServer™.

Register now for this informative seminar — you’ll discover how NetScaler and XenServer can make your XenApp environment even more robust by providing:

  • Fast, proactive XenApp server recovery — even at remote sites
  • Continuous app availability across multi-site environments with Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • Secure remote access to applications
  • Zero-downtime XenApp server maintenance

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your XenApp environment more dependable than ever. Sign up for this complimentary seminar today!

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Strengthening your Application Virtualization Strategy

If you are seeking to learn more about the most effective way of delivering Windows applications as a service then you don’t want to miss this. Join us as we chat about what makes XenApp a logical choice for application management and virtualization. You will learn about functionality that enables you to centrally manage a single instance of each application and deliver it to users for online and offline use, while providing a better than installed user experience. Attend this webinar and get the answers and insight you need about purchasing or upgrading to XenApp 5.0. Grab your coffee and be part of the discussion!

  • Discuss application and functionality
  • See how it works
  • Learn about XenApp Fundamentals for small business
  • Gain insight on other technologies that make XenApp 5 a logical choice

Attendees will receive a Starbuck’s gift card valued at $5.00

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Moving Load Balancing Technology Forward

If you are seeking to learn more about advanced application delivery controllers that improve upon Load balancing and help ensure application availability, increased security, and reduced TCO for web application delivery and cloud computing environments, then you don’t want to miss this. Attend this webinar and get the answers and insight you need about network load balancing technologies. Grab your coffee and be part of the discussion!

  • Leveraging multi-core processing to improve performance
  • Advanced web-application delivery with easy to use virtual appliances
  • Ensuring High Availability and security
  • Gaining High Availability and ensure 100% uptime for all users

Attendees will receive a Starbuck’s gift card valued at $5.00

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Exploit the Latest Load Balancing Technologies

Don’t let your basic load balancer hold back your network infrastructure any longer. Join us for this webinar and find out how you can get a smarter, more efficient application delivery network to ensure app availability, increase security and reduce TCO for web applications and cloud computing environments.

Learn how Citrix® NetScaler® delivers more applications to more users including advanced Web 2.0 apps without increasing network & server costs.

In this webinar learn how Citrix NetScaler:

  • Delivers 7x increased in performance and scalability with new nCore™ technology
  • Ensures 100% app availability with L4-7 load balancin
  • Slashes server costs by up to 60%

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Reduce Desktop Management Costs, Improve IT, Security & Agility

Join us for this Webinar and hear firsthand from experts at Citrix and CSC how you can cost-effectively implement a more secure and accessible enterprise desktop environment for your workforce. Find out how Citrix and CSC have joined together to deliver desktop virtualization as a managed service to their clients. Also, learn how this technology has transformed the operations of both commercial and public sector enterprises and provided quantifiable business value.

Register now to learn how CSC & Citrix:

  • Reduce desktop management, hardware, and support costs
  • Ensure greater data and system security
  • Achieve increased organizational and workforce flexibility
  • Simplify IT Management

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Server Virtualization and Storage Best Practices

Recently, Guy M Turner, Inc. consolidated their IT infrastructure with XenServer and NetApp and added disaster recovery for servers running everything from specialized trucking to crane management applications.

Join us for a live Webcast to learn how they used NetApp with Citrix XenServer and XenApp to address their challenges.

Specifically, you will learn how Guy M Turner was able to:

  • Virtualize XenApp server farms, reducing support calls and improving user experience
  • Save over 60% on future storage system maintenance and support
  • Gain faster “rollback” capability for application update testing and deployment
  • Disaster-proof the company’s IT systems and operations
  • Consolidate and better manage existing XenApp, server and storage infrastructure

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Successfully Migrating Users to Virtual Desktops

“Once organizations have determined to implement a virtual desktop solution, and the environment has been designed to align with business and user requirements, users must be seamlessly migrated from their physical endpoints to their new virtual desktop. Ideally, users should be unaware their desktop is now virtual. Without building a proper environment and migration plan, users will be forced to learn a new system, reconfigure their application settings, and re-build their personal environment.

This TechTalk focuses on the process, options and recommendations for successfully migrating users from their physical endpoints to virtual desktops.”

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Designing an Enterprise VDI Architecture with XenDesktop

“When an organization identifies the need for a VDI solution, infrastructure architecture must be carefully designed. Virtualizing a user’s physical desktop and migrating the image into the data center will provide a VDI solution, but requires different management, maintenance, and support from a local desktop to meet the needs of the users.

This TechTalk focuses on the core design decisions that impacts the overall virtual desktop design. These decision areas include understanding the users, organizational layout, current organizational infrastructure.”

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Virtual Desktops or Virtual Applications - Your Best Solution

“Everyone uses a desktop device, regardless if they are running virtualized applications on XenApp, web-based applications or locally installed applications. While virtual desktops are all the rage in IT, many organizations are trying to figure out where VDI fits within their infrastructure. Some organizations are following an all-or-nothing route where every user is converted to a virtual desktops but many others are trying to align the VDI solution to specific user requirements. When does a user need a full-blown virtual desktop vs. a desktop appliance vs. an offline desktop?

This TechTalk, which is part 1 in a 3-part series, will look at understanding and identifying how organizations should align their users with the correct desktop solution.”

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Storage Best Practices for Desktop Virtualization

Do you have questions about the best way to rapidly and efficiently deploy virtual desktops; how to handle VDI boot storms; or how to meet demanding recovery requirements necessary to make desktops continuously available? Get answers in real time and watch a brief VDI demo.

Join us for a live online Q&A/chat session with a panel of NetApp and Citrix experts who can answer basic and expert-level questions. You’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions, as well as see the answers to questions asked by your peers.

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